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Welcome to StyliCleaner

The solution to clean your Styli automatically

In just 30 seconds.


In just 30 seconds, the Styli is clean and ready to go back to work!


The StyliCleaner is very easy and requires very little technical knowledge.


The StyliClean is very reliable as recalibration of all probe positions is no longer required!

Fully automatic

The StyliCleaner cleans your probe fully automatically, even during the measuring process!

Are you a 3D coordinate measuring machine operator?

Then the StyliCleaner is the solution.

The StyliCleaner can automatically clean your styli, also during the measurement process. Its the combination of compressed air and detergent that will remove the dirt from the styli. This in just 30 seconds. Because of the StyliCleaner you don’t have to clean the styli manually. A procedure that is very time consuming and it requires recalibration of all the styli angles.

Cleaning procedure of the StyliCleaner stylus

Cleaning procedure of the StyliCleaner stylus in 5 easy steps!

  1. The stylus moves along the activation sensor. Triggering the cleaning cycle to start.
  2. Once the stylus is standing above the cleaning unit, the stylus actually can be cleaned.
  3. The stylus moves up and down through the cleaning unit, for about 20 seconds.
  4. By the use of compressed air the stylus will be cleaned.
  5. Once the stylus is again standing above the cleaning unit, the cleaning cycle is completed.

What They Say

Okke Mengerink Manager

Since using the StyliCleaner, the process has accelerated by up to 10%! Recalibrating was always a precision job where ultimately the smallest differences could cause major damage. Since using the StyliCleaner, we no longer have this problem!


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