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About us

History of StyliCleaner

The idea of the StyliCleaner was born when a CMM operator kept encountering issues with dirty probes and unreliable test measurements. 

With decades experience in the metrology field, he couldn’t be more annoyed about how much time he lost due to the cleaning of the CMM styli. He figured out the solution.


2012 Mako, Original Equipment Manufacturer based in Hengelo, the Netherlands, was contacted to commercialize the idea. The initial phase of the designing got started, and it took a whole year before the development phase was secluded.  

2013 The first design is finished. Ideas for several models were worked out, executed and tested.

2014 The first prototype got reality! More and more testing was done and got approved. 

2016 The StyliCleaner filed for worldwide patent! When the patents were granted, marketing of the StyliCleaner started to take off. 

2018 StyliCleaner webshop got launched. 

2020 Multiple big names joined into the network of the stylicleaner. The StyliCleaner soon started to ship its products all over the world.

Till the current date, the StyliCleaner is to be found all over in high precision industry. Achieving precise measurements and enhancing cost and time efficiency for CMM programmers and its organizations.

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