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The solution to clean your Styli automatically

In just 30 seconds.


In just 30 seconds, the Styli is clean and ready to go back to work!


The StyliCleaner is very easy and requires very little technical knowledge.


The StyliClean is very reliable as recalibration of all probe positions is no longer required!

Fully automatic

The StyliCleaner cleans your probe fully automatically, even during the measuring process!

Are you a 3D coordinate measuring machine operator?

Then the StyliCleaner is the solution.

The StyliCleaner can automatically clean your styli, also during the measurement process. Its the combination of compressed air and detergent that will remove the dirt from the styli. This in just 30 seconds. Because of the StyliCleaner you don’t have to clean the styli manually. A procedure that is very time consuming and it requires recalibration of all the styli angles.

Cleaning procedure of the StyliCleaner stylus

Why should a StyliCleaner be used?

On a 3D measuring machine, measurements can be carried out with very high accuracy on products. When checking an inner diameter, this diameter is usually calculated as an average diameter. There is a very high chance that a shaft with this average diameter does not fit in this hole. Calculating an average diameter is therefore not correct for a final check.
In this situation we should not calculate an average diameter, but the largest diameter that fits in this hole. We can compare this with a check using a pen caliber.
When calculating the largest enclosed diameter, then the diameter is calculated, which is tangent to 3 contact points.
When pollution is present on the product or on the stylus, this always has a major impact on the result of the calculation.
In practice, the large enclosed diameter is always smaller than the average diameter calculated.
For high accuracy diameters, a diameter is often specified with a small tolerance field on the diameter. Think for example of a diameter of Ø10H6. This diameter has a tolerance field of only 0.009mm. If with this diameter check a pollution of 0.003mm (is equal to 1/3 of the total tolerance field) is present, then an unjustified deviation in the actual diameter is observed.
Cleaning a product is of course very important, and can be carried out by a good working procedure.
However, cleaning a stylus is a time consuming event. In practice, after manually cleaning a stylus, these stylus should always be calibrated. This calibration of a stylus is also time-consuming. We should quickly think of at least 5 to 10 minutes. In some cases this remeasurement can take up to 1 hour.
During the calibration of the stylus we cannot perform new product measurements. This is a pity of the time.
When this stylus is cleaned with a StyliCleaner, this cleaning action only takes 30 seconds. Besides the fact that this is much faster, it is also important that it can be done fully automatically. This is a double gain.

For this reason, the use of the StyliCleaner is recommended.
This makes it much easier to perform measurements reliably.
This prevents valuable time being spent on product control which results in unreliable measurement results.

Among others the StyliCleaner is successfully used on the following brands of measuring machines
In addition to being purchased directly, the StyliCleaner can also be purchased from the dealers listed below. These dealers can also perform the installation if you do not wish to do it yourself

For the really dirty area, the stylicleaner with lid is in development. Ask about the possibilities by e-mail. Your questions might contribute to a positive development.


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